Basic knowledge of a UN type of military staff system and organisation in which they find their position and duties as staff assistants and/or group leader for staff assistants presented.
- Some knowledge in the planning process for decision making.
- Understanding of the guiding documents and the legal basis of a PSO.
- Understanding of tactics and strategies in a PSO
- Values of the armed forces.
- Gender issues in a PSO
- Education and practical training in common staff assistant duties on brigade and HQ level including practice in handling all kinds of messages, producing presentations and documents, map reading / updating, meeting coordination, voice procedures.

The course runs for one week within the Integrated Mission Concept. It ends with a three-day Command Post Exercise (CPX) together with the United Nations Staff Officers Course (UNSOC), the United Nations Civilian Staff Officers Course (UNCIVSOC) and the United nations Police Commander Course (UNPCC).

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